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We always welcome quality link exchange to provide our customers with valuable information and an enjoyable shopping experience.

* Please note absolutely no casino, gambling, adult sites, pornography or hate sites will be accepted.

Link submissions are reviewed manually to ensure each site meets our requirements and verify that our link is actively displayed on your website. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for a reply.

If you are interested in having your website link placed in our link directory please follow the following quick and easy steps below:

 Step 1

Place a link on your website to Musical Singing Teddy Bears using the following information:

URL: http://www.MusicalSingingTeddyBears.com

Title: Musical Teddy Bears, Singing Teddies 

Description: Musical teddy bears, Singing teddies, Cute teddy bears for sale. Singing teddy bears delivered.

Category: Gifts

 Step 2

After you have placed our link on your website please complete and submit the form below or email us with the required information at webmaster@MusicalSingingTeddyBears.com.

1.  Contact Name:

1. Contact Name:

2.  Email:

2. Email:

3.  URL http://

3. URL http://

4.  Your Website Title:

4. Your Website Title:

5.  Short Description:

5. Short Description:

6.  Category to list your website in:

6. Category to list your website in:

7.  Please provide URL where we can find a link to us on your website:

7. Please provide URL where we can find a link to us on your website:

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